Online Dispute Status

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Terms and conditions

Note: You must agree to the statements below to view your credit report:

  • I certify that I am viewing my own personal report or disputing information on my own personal report.
  • I understand that it is a federal crime subject to incarceration and/or monetary penalties to obtain a personal credit report for someone other than myself, and that intentionally making any false statements could be punishable by law.
NOTE: Due to privacy and information security and for your protection, any documents, plain text, pictures or attachments that contain personal identifying information (ex: social security number, date of birth, Driver’s License number) sent via email will be deleted immediately. Please fax all completed forms and supporting documentation to: 770-980-9414 or mail to: FactorTrust, Attn: Consumer Inquiries, P.O. Box 3653, Alpharetta, GA 30023.